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LibreOffice 6.2 Branched, The Beta Dance Begins & x86 32-bit Builds Are Deprecated

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    Originally posted by uid313 View Post
    Which piece of LibreOffice do you tend to use the most? or find the most value in?

    I probably use LibreOffice sheets the most, but I think LibreOffice feels not so modern. Maybe Excel is easier and more intuitive, I don't know know.
    I use Writer 99% of the time. Still the best word processor you can get on any platform, IMHO. On the other hand Impress really sucks. Powerpoint sucks too, by the way, but for different reasons. I don't use Calc or Base so I can't comment on them.


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      At least it's "deprecated" not removed.
      CPU performance is irrelevant it's a word processor. If there are desktop Pentium 4 users left they're probably word processors users. They type their letter or document, save it, and get this they turn off the computer when they're done with it like it's the 90s.
      Also if you have a 64bit PC from 2004/2005/2006 with 1GB RAM you should use 32bit linux on it. Same reason as on raspberry pis. It's not worth sacrificing 100MB or even 50MB RAM to the 64bit altar.


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        Originally posted by GreenReaper View Post

        Uh... you can just download and install a new build. I mean you may have to uninstall and reinstall but it works fine.

        The reason I use 32-bit on Windows is the reduced space and memory usage. For something I only use occasionally it's really not worth soaking up another ~50MB of SSD with it, downloading the extra bytes on updates, installing them, etc. Bobcat doesn't have huge caches either, so I imagine the code size might outweigh any performance benefits.
        It may have changed recently with Windows 10, but installing 64bit vs 32bit Windows means you void your Windows license. You can just ignore it like millions people do but others might not like it and in theory have to pay over a hundred dollars for this.


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          You misunderstand: I use 32-bit LibreOffice on 64-bit Windows. I didn't put it clearly because I was thinking in the context of LibreOffice installers.