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FFmpeg Re-Enables HEVC Decode For NVIDIA VDPAU

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  • FFmpeg Re-Enables HEVC Decode For NVIDIA VDPAU

    Phoronix: FFmpeg Re-Enables HEVC Decode For NVIDIA VDPAU

    The FFmpeg multimedia library has restored support for HEVC/H.265 video decoding accelerated on NVIDIA GPUs using VDPAU...

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    Meanwhile the ffmpeg-based mpv still isn't available for Ubuntu 18.10:
    For unity & gnome-shell docks > the mpv icon > r. click will provide info and links *Note: any issues regarding ytdl: Update to the latest upstream version before filing issue with me or at mpv github *Note - mpv.conf is the new default for a config file Best, new default location is ~/.config/mpv/ using mpv.conf *New - The upstream default is idle=once, I've set these builds to idle=yes To return to idle once in your local config file add - [pseudo-gui] idle=once *For https stream ...


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      I don't think that VDPAU is worth any news anymore, it's simply outdated.