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Fedora Enables ClearType Subpixel Font Rendering Thanks To Microsoft

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  • Fedora Enables ClearType Subpixel Font Rendering Thanks To Microsoft

    Phoronix: Fedora Enables ClearType Subpixel Font Rendering Thanks To Microsoft

    Fedora has finally enabled ClearType sub-pixel rendering in FreeType for providing much nicer font rendering...

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    This is not enough as you still need to have sane defaults and thanks to the idiocy of new freetype releases you also have to have this:

    export FREETYPE_PROPERTIES=truetype:interpreter-version=35
    Otherwise you'll have something a tad too blurry, dirty and bold by default.


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      So you are calling everyone who prefers the the new interpreter an insane idiot.. fine.


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        Does this make a difference on UHD screens?


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          It's kind of crazy to think that software patents kept good font rendering from being enabled by default for this long...

          Software patents really should be like drug patents, except they should expire in 5 years or less as they don't have to go spend years and years going trough regulatory approval to ensure they do what they're supposed to and are safe to use.
          "Why should I want to make anything up? Life's bad enough as it is without wanting to invent any more of it."


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            Originally posted by Zyklon View Post
            Does this make a difference on UHD screens?
            You want to avoid this on high ppi screens. Subpixel font rendering has large performance costs.


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              Isn't software moving away from sub-pixel to grayscale antialiasing?


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                Imagine you build a shed in your garden. There is a guy standing outside your garden called Mike Soft. Next to Mike Soft are some mafia-looking men with guns. Mike whispers something into one of their ears and then turns to you and says: "If you put any of your things in that shed, these men here will forcibly take those things from you and maybe some of your other stuff to. If you physically resist, we will use physical force to counter your resistance up to and including killing you; if that's what it takes to take your stuff."

                3 years later Mike returns and tells you: "I now give you permission to store your things in that shed".

                Would you say "thanks to Mike Soft, I can now store things in my shed"?


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                  Coming from mac, one of my gripes with Linux has been the font rendering. The same ported apps, web pages and similar just looks noticeably worse on Linux. I once tried installing the Infinality fixes which actually made things a ton better looking, BUT instead borked my system . I guess it's not adapted for the later versions of FreeType. Anyway, I very much notice the font issues in my daily usage. It might be possible to configure it manually, but I just don't have the know-how to do it. If this could be configure better out-of-the-box on future distributions, that would make me really happy


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                    I just recently installed freetype2-cleartype from the AUR, noticing how much better it is.