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Firefox 63.0 Available With WebExtensions On Linux Now Run In Their Own Process

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    Originally posted by higuita View Post
    As long as mozilla adds the possibility for add-ons to replace features less used by "normal" users, i have no major problem with it...
    I can agree with this, especially when Mozilla provide some logic to justify their actions. I was disappointed when they announced that they were going to discontinue Thunderbird. Now Thunderbird has been resurrected and its getting actively developed, so I can't really complain.


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      From wahtever reason, a way to turn off automatic updates about:config ==>>> set to false
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        Originally posted by onicsis View Post

        At least it is based on a opensource version having various forks like Vivaldi, Brave or Falkon browser.
        Technically, Falkon isn't directly based on Chromium. It's based on QtWebEngine, which itself integrates Chromium's fast moving web capabilities into Qt.


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          Originally posted by Vistaus View Post

          And it's good to use because...? If this was a GNOME article and the statement was "but we provide an extension", everyone would've gone nuts.
          Because extensions have been a thing with Firefox since its very inception and the "use an extension" mantra isn't new when it comes to Firefox. And because with the move to Webextensions a lot of power has been removed from extension developers, but this particular feature is still possible to implement in a Webextension. And because people who are used to the feature aren't losing it despite its removal from the Firefox codebase.

          I get the argument that it sucks having to use an extension where you didn't need to before. But the bottom line is this: You want the feature, you can have it. Which may not be the case for other stuff Mozilla has removed from Firefox.


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            Originally posted by slalomsk8er View Post

            My 80+ years old granddad broke a vanilla Windows in under 3 months and after the 5th reset to the backup I had enough.
            It was too much work to keep Windows from breaking, this is why I switched him to Ubuntu years ago and never had to fix the installation again.
            As a bonus, all this updating business is taken care of by the maintainers of the distribution.
            The only downside is that I have to update his GPS on my gaming PC because the map updating tool is Windows only.
            Sorry to say, but from my experience this is hard to believe.
            I had much more breakages of Linux (Ubuntu or Ubuntu based distros) than of Windows.
            At least for Windows Deep freeze exists that can save you in 99% of the cases.


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              Originally posted by skeevy420 View Post

              You already go through hoops upon hoops upon hoops and editing a text file somewhere is that one hoop too much?
              Yeah, why let the user decide what's better for himself and make life easier when you can make life harder ?