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Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source

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  • Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source

    Phoronix: Lightworks 14.5 Video Editor Released With Same-Day Linux Support But Still No Source

    Lightworks, the long-standing non-linear video editing system that has offered a native Linux build the past few years after being challenged by delays for a few years, is out today with version 14.5 and comes with Linux, macOS, and Windows support...

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    Originally posted by Matt Sandford
    • Added ELS licensing enhancements to enable targeted advertising to Free customers
    I don't think this is an enhancement...
    Last edited by tildearrow; 17 October 2018, 01:28 PM. Reason: they have


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      I have some projects coming up that are making me consider buying DaVinci Resolve or Lightworks. The thing is that Kdenlive handles the basics very nicely.

      I know how to cut clips, split audio, apply volume gain, organize & render video files.

      I feel that in an attempt to "do more" and "simplify" it's almost as if apps have become more complicated hiding features away.

      I am also not sure which one is more popular and what the tradeoffs are.


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        Lightworks Free is just basic. To actually do anything artistic, you need plugin's which are all extra cost. To learn a new interface/metaphor for Lightworks seemed like overkill when the other basic tools like Kdenlive and OpenShot don't have the overhead. Interesting? Yes. Desirable? Not so much right now.

        I can see where they might be reluctant to open source it. Plug in development is expensive (nee: Adobe) and requires some very unique expertise.

        As it stands, Lightworks w/support is the inkjet and plug ins are the ink.


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          Originally posted by tildearrow View Post

          I don't think this is an enhancement...
          Corporate Newspeak. Enhancement to their bottom line while being hostile to users and privacy.

          We've reached the boiling point with the frog.


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            Lightworks free is practically useless for anything but the most basic of edits since they crippled almost all exports. DaVinci Resolve 15 fully supports Linux and has a much less crippled free version than Lightworks, and it has built-in audio, fx and color suites as well.



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              That inkjet/ink model alone is enough to make Lightworks a piece of shit. The addition of targeted ads makes the free version outright malware as well as useless for export. Kdenlive could crash at 5 minute intervals and corrupt the timeline every time-and it would STILL be better than this. Only thing is, it doesn't! It crashes only on knowable actions, very rarely corrupts time timeline, autosaves frequently-and if you do get a problem on recovery can just roll back to a previous autosave. Over the years I've made nine of my extremely complex "year in activism" videos with hundreds of clips and all kinds of effects, and every single time it has worked. Also literally thousands of newsreel videos of single events. Not one of these is monetized, as they are used for a news site that is not ad supported (and in fact bans ads), so I would be an utter fool to pay for a proprietary editor.

              Sorry lightworks, I have zero tolerance for ad-supported software. I disable or remove every ad supported app in phones (even if this requires rooting), and one of the best things about now using WIndows on desktops is not even seeing that paid or ad supported software model, and no disabled begware either.
              If you were open source of course, someone would instantly fork the project, strip out the ads, registration, phone home crap, activation, and thus all the limitations. In order to deal with the codec and plugin issues, we would port it over to use community plugins like the Fri0r plugins used in Kdenlive and probably Movit as well (since Lightworks is supposed to be able to use the GPL). Support for ffmpeg would be added, while corporate users could continue using their paid codecs if they want though the community fork probably would not maintain that suppport for lack of test machines with paid codecs installed.

              Until then, Kdenlive is all I need and just seems to keep getting better and better.


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                Originally posted by ElectricPrism View Post
                The thing is that Kdenlive handles the basics very nicely.
                It does, indeed, handle the basics very nicely. But not just that! I've used it for professional editing without any problems or complaints.

                Sure, for producing Avatar-like movies there's "probably" something better, but for professional work (such as a normal non-hollywood-video-studios) kdenlive handles the job without any problems


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                  Newsflash: capitalism and profit aren't really compatible with FOSS.


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                    Originally posted by msotirov View Post
                    Newsflash: capitalism and profit aren't really compatible with FOSS.
                    The billion dollar Redhat disagrees with you.