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Chrome 70 In Beta With TLS 1.3, Opus Support In MP4 & AV1 Decode

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  • Chrome 70 In Beta With TLS 1.3, Opus Support In MP4 & AV1 Decode

    Phoronix: Chrome 70 In Beta With TLS 1.3, Opus Support In MP4 & AV1 Decode

    Following last week's Chrome 69 release, Chrome 70 is now in beta as the latest feature-update to Google's browser...

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    I tried to test it on Windows 7 x64 with the following steps:
    1. Went to and downloaded Chromium 71.0.3551.0 (Official Build) (64-bit)
    2. Went to and downloaded Update packs for the K-Lite Codec Pack version 14.4.5 ~ 18.8 MB ~ September 13th 2018, which says:
    Added support for decoding AOMedia AV1 video
    3. Went to and enabled, from section "More video for less data", Always Prefer AV1.
    4. Browsed videos from the next section, "YouTube has never looked better" like 4K @ 60 FPS and then others, 4K, 2K, etc.

    Conclusion: it doesn't work!
    The codecs from "Stats for nerds" always show: vp09. so I assume the codec used is still VP9.
    I even changed from chrome://flags the "Enable AV1 video decoding." option from Default to Enabled, restarted the browser and still the same thing.
    I'm not sure if the problem it's Chromium instead of Chrome, AMD drivers on RX 560 or Youtube itself.

    Has anyone found a combination where AV1 decoding actually works?


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      Danny3 As per you need to go to in order to watch videos using the av1 codec.


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        AV1 doesn't work for me even though I've enabled in chrome://flags. I guess it's still disabled in this beta.


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          Danny3 Furthermore, it's only available for resolutions under 480p.


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            Originally posted by LinAGKar View Post
            it's only available for resolutions under 480p
            Michael oversimplified it in the previous post. On, you can choose between "Prefer AV1 for SD" and "Always Prefer AV1".

            I can say it works for me with Firefox Nightly, but my CPU was too slow (single-threading wise) for 480p at this stage of decoder development. I see mostly light load across all my 4 cores, except when it seemingly fails to parallelize, which is when it totally falls apart and drops all frames for a few seconds.

            Does anyone know how parallel-decodable YouTube's streams are (i.e. how many tile columns and rows for the different resolutions)?


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              I came across this "I suspect this is because the YT produced media doesn't use tiles so multi-threading can't be used."



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                I have also read about chrome's new feature in 70th version regarding user's accessibility to control their privacy with google accounts as well.