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Mozilla Begins Slowly Enabling WebRender For Some Users

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    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
    "Providing links" means nothing if said links are irrelevant or the argument you are trying to make is non sequitur from said links...
    Okay, then, do you realize your statement is irrelevant to what you're quoting? Like, I provided links, and I provided explanation as to why they're relevant — and you out of pure air started talking about some links that are non-relevant. Are you talking to me, or to someone else?

    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
    Also i didn't insult you.
    Oh, sure, it was probably someone else who called me a linux zealot for no reason. Are you perhaps actually talking to someone else, am I hindering to your discussion?

    Originally posted by TemplarGR View Post
    I don't need to provide a "link". You can go to MESA site yourself, get a 2013 version, compile it, and try to run with it modern games, like Tomb Raider (2013) for example... You realize Flatout 2 was a pretty ancient game by 2013 standards, don't you?

    I am not trying to "win" anything here. I am just stating the facts. You are the one who goes "zealot mode" trying to convince us that the Linux graphics stack is so awesome and Windows are behind...
    Do you really think somebody gonna spend a few hours of their life just to check your arguments? It is your argument, so how about you proving them?

    I'm fine if you record for me a screencast, where you went for Mesa 2013 sources, built them, and tested. Here's a tip: you don't even need to restart a PC (and hence to stop a screencast) you can make an app to use the built Mesa with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH variables. Go ahead, I'll be waiting.


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      Originally posted by bosjc View Post

      I could see the argument that the Nvidia blob had parity back then (for the most part), but, seriously, the AMD blob was terrible, and mesa, while stable-ish, was still stuck at OpenGL3.1 for the majority of the year until 10 came out at the end adding 3.3 support (the spec already being at 4.3/4.4 in 2013).
      And yet in 2013 the big game ports hadn't been made yet and those same drivers were capable of running everything that was capable of running at the time. We aren't talking about magic here, r600 was already in fantastic condition at that time and was in fact incredibly stable. Radeonsi was still in development and choosing that hardware was the wrong choice at that time. As I said on linux distributions you have to choose hardware that is already well supported and r600 certainly was. And although I'm not an Intel fan by any means they too had a fully capable and stable driver at that point.


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        Originally posted by Vistaus View Post
        If they want a solid graphics stack to test this on, then why don't they test it on macOS first? I'm no fan of macOS, but a least they have a small set of supported graphics hardware with solid drivers, so it should be better for testing than Windows.
        do you guys share same dealer ?