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Firefox Is Now Built With Clang+LTO Everywhere, Sizable Performance Wins For Linux

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    Also, worth pointing out:

    Fedora granted an exception to allow Firefox to be built with Clang.

    Unfortunately, they ran with the fake news from Mozilla that Clang builds work better, even though Mozilla never tried running a copy of Firefox that was built with anything newer than GCC 6 against the current version of Clang.

    Along the way, it was pointed out that Clang brings its own problems.


    1. Some security features of the GNU C/C++ Compiler don't work on Clang, but you'd never notice if you just casually build a program because things like Stack Clash Protection are not implemented at all in Clang, and its compatibility with GCC is implementing Stack Clash Protection in a way where the build doesn't fail, but you're actually not protected at all. (It's a no-op.).

    D_Fortify_Source=2 apparently doesn't work correctly either.

    2. The debuginfos that Clang produces are inferior to GCC, so good luck trying to get usable backtrace data if the program fails.

    Thanks to the decision to build with Clang, Fedora's Firefox users are more likely to be successfully attacked by rogue web content and potentially malicious WebExtensions that slip past the Review Process on AMO because Clang doesn't support the security hardening features that are currently enabled in the RPM .spec to build Firefox with GCC.