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Clear Linux Rolling Out KDE Plasma Desktop Support, Plus Some Benchmarks Against GNOME Shell

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    Originally posted by lunarcloud View Post

    Stock, but not default.
    Why did they choose to change the default widgets and window borders to "Plastique", the KDE3 look?
    I did not "choose" so, at least not deliberate... sounds like one more bug to chase down.


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      Originally posted by riklaunim View Post
      Replacing apps with new ones is a bit of controversial solution. Users may not know about the name chance, there may be no migration path of some settings/data if applicable and the feature set may be incomplete or different, plus stability and quality.
      Gnome did the same with Notes iirc. Was maybe a year or so ago, I updated to a new release and found the program no longer installed, package had been removed as it was no longer maintained or compatible, something like that. My notes in their XML format weren't usable or noticed by the new notes program, I don't think there was any migration tool either? At least with Spectacle it's a utility and for most users you get the same functionality bound to the PrtScn key. Really annoying though when your data can't be used/viewed because of a replacement though.