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Firefox 61 Releasing Today With Performance Improvements, Accessibility Inspector

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    I am wondering why this release still not available on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc, even not from Mozilla security PPA?


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post

      Yeah, let's complain to Firefox devs that have to enforce https on a domain that will be used by actual websites and keep using an old Firefox (and Chrome, and others I guess) for testing web development. Let's also ask Firefox developers to add more latency and bs to the broser so it can check if the page comes from localhost (which wont help developers not using localhost).

      The best solution isn't ever going to be maybe changing our own local test domain from .dev to .test, which was for the domain we should have used to begin with, as since the very recent year of 1999 it is an officially reserved domain for testing.
      I think you definitely miss the point.
      What's so hard for Firefox developers to look at where the DNS request points to ?
      I have dnsmasq to reply with to all request to a .dev (for general development) .lar (for laravel based websites) and a .tes (for general testing)
      What the fuck it's so hard to look at the ip address like '' and stop enforcing stupid crap, just because Google or someone else bought the internet .dev one ?
      If tomorrow someone buys the other .lar and .tes that I have I need to change them again.
      And I like my domains to be what I can remember easily not very long to type, so 3 letters.
      Why the fuck a developer should jump through hoops to use a localhost domain every time someone buys an internet domain.
      The new behaviour of Firefox is pure crap!