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    Originally posted by jacob View Post

    If you don't care one second about privacy, confidentiality or lock-in then yeah, I guess it is.
    If your main concern is getting work done on a massive scale easily and efficiently, then yeah, the answer is not LibreOffice.

    Also... hard to claim lock-in when I can download everything in an editable open format. Did you know that, for instance, you can download any Google Sheets document as a ODS document?


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      Of course I know that. I also know that Google can change that whenever they damn please and that using Google Docs means giving out any information your documents may contain to Google and that you just hope that they will be good enough not to screw you (but they refuse to make any promises in that regard).

      One of my activities is translations, which I guess would qualify under the "massive scale and efficient" banner. Over the years I worked with all sorts of sensitive documents, including police interrogation transcripts and the internal documentation of one of the functions of Google's direct competitor Bing. I have a duty (and in some cases, a legal requirement) to take all reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of my clients' documents, which doesn't include sending them to Google - for all we know, I may just as well post them on Facebook. When it comes to software, I find that LO Writer, while far from perfect, is way superior to any word processor currently available, and I tried a number of them. LO Calc, on the other hand, profoundly sucks, no question about that.