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Wine 3.7 Released With Direct3D Improvements, Larger Icons

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    Originally posted by plasmasnake View Post

    I agree with ihatemichael. I've bisected bugs before with mesa - it's really not that hard to do, and at the end of the day helping to get the bug fixed ends up being good for both you and the community. You also end up learning some useful stuff along the way, so I do encourage you to submit a bug report and learn how to do git bisects.
    Of course bissecting is not hard. But as mentioned above, this is not a regression, just a game I wanted to play that hasn't worked on wine so far.


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      Originally posted by pinguinpc View Post

      I hate michael too
      Poor Schumacher didn't do anything wrong.


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        Originally posted by ihatemichael View Post

        If those are regressions and you are able to reproduce the bugs, I would recommend bisecting and filing bugs.
        It's not a regression, it's a long standing issue since the 1.x days that various patches have been put forward on associated with DDraw issues but mostly has been ignored. It's a known issue though.


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          Originally posted by jacob View Post
          Is by any chance one of these development versions of Wine capable of running The Longest Journey? As of wine 3.0 it has issues that make the game unplayable
          Take a look at ResidualVM, last time I checked (ResidualVM 0.4.0git (Mar 8 2018 13:26:05)) the menus, diary and a few special effects weren't implemented, but since then it saw a lot of improvements: just make sure to use the latest git version!

          I tried both Steam and GOG version and even the demo, didn't tried none of the retail ones, especially localized ones, but I guess it should work for them as well .

          EDIT: Just tried it with the newest version, unfortunately main menu and options (game settings, conversation log and I think April's Dairy + game's native save/load which were mentioned as TODO) and missing shadows, the game runs more stable than on recent versions on Windows, with FMV working just fine, possibly less crashes, ability to go to fullscreen and save/load working via ResidualVM and ability to customize font as in original version, plus the game should be completable unless there's some bug down the road (in which case, report it!).
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