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GIMP 2.10 RC2 Released With Multi-Threaded Painting, Rewritten Themes

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    Originally posted by miabrahams View Post

    , nor can it work with any of the important high bit depth images that are .....
    Hmm. The 2.10 dev version I am running has option of 8, 16, 32 bit integer or 16, 32 bit floating point colour depth. I guess you have never even looked at 2.9/2.10


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      Originally posted by varikonniemi View Post
      It does not look like the GIMP team knows what RC means. Generally you don't add features after beta.
      Tell that to the .NET Core team. They replaced the entire CLI toolchain between RC1 and RC2.


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        Originally posted by Danielsan View Post
        By the way Cinepaint, a famous fork of Gimp, was the first to support HDR and deep colors...
        ha! I haven't thought about cinepaint in years...

        I contributed a patch to fix a build issue, years and years ago... cinepaint was pretty handy with it's onion-skinning feature, HDR support, etc... it definitely had it's quirks and bugs, but if you worked around them, it was pretty good.