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System76's Pop!_OS Is Exploring Intel's Clear Linux Performance/Power Optimizations

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  • some_canuck
    still waiting for new firmware, no i'm not installing poop os

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  • lem79
    Cool .. I was looking at System76 earlier today and was disappointed to not find a nice Raven Ridge laptop

    Looking for something like:

    * Ryzen 5 2700U

    * 2-4 slots. 2x8Gb DDR4-2666 minimum (better 3200+).

    * 14-15" IPS matte screen, >1920x1080, and >75Hz (FreeSync would be a bonus, but not strictly necessary)
    * Thin bezel (similar to Dell XPS idea)

    * Backlit (white) with a solid feel (minimal flex), and some key travel (I don't know my laptop keys very well, but I *love* Cherry MX Brown switches on the desktop)
    * Number pad if space allows

    * Physical buttons included, at least left and right, if not middle as well.

    * 2x m.2 slots

    * As big as possible. 90Wh?

    External ports:
    * 1x USB-C (includes being a charging port? I'm not really up to date with that stuff, but it sounds nice)
    * 4x USB3
    * 1x Ethernet
    * 1x sdcard
    * 1x HDMI
    * 2x Mini-DP
    * Optical SPDIF + line-out combo jack
    * Headphone jack
    * Mic jack (optional for me, may as well)
    * Speakers above keyboard

    * Intel dual band wireless AC
    * Webcam with stereo mic
    * Air intake vents NOT where the machine rests on one's legs. In fact not on the base at all, should be at the rear or side.
    * Materials that don't show fingerprints easily
    * Materials that don't bend or flex easily, so it feels robust
    * Lots of BIOS options! Similar to desktop X370 boards. Configurable TDP would be nice.

    Hmm, might save a copy of that wishlist! I'm definitely over Intel and nVidia for CPU+GPU. Hybrid setups in general are annoying. Intel makes good network adapters though.

    If not Raven Ridge though, then a Ryzen 3 of some sort, 4c8t with clocks around 3GHz, plus a Vega GPU with at least 4Gb HBM would be very very nice.

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  • System76's Pop!_OS Is Exploring Intel's Clear Linux Performance/Power Optimizations

    Phoronix: System76's Pop!_OS Is Exploring Intel's Clear Linux Performance/Power Optimizations

    When Ubuntu-loaded laptop and desktop vendor System76 announced their new Ubuntu downstream last year as "Pop!_OS" it began as mostly cosmetic changes to the desktop shell and other minor improvements. Over time they've been investing more into it with work items like a better installation process, but it looks like they will be diving deeper as they begin exploring performance and power optimizations...