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System76's Pop!_OS Is Exploring Intel's Clear Linux Performance/Power Optimizations

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    Originally posted by schmidtbag View Post
    Haha do they not like System 76? I don't really ever reference them for anything (or use Ubuntu) so I'm not sure what they have to say.
    A lot of people in the comments on OMG! Ubuntu dislike most Linux computers (including the ones from System76) because they're always complaining/nitpicking on the hardware, like "too expensive", "too plasticcy", "underpowered hardware", "battery life seems bad", "I can build this myself for a much lower price", "I don't trust hardware from country XYZ", etc., etc. They always find that there's something wrong with it. You know, kinda like when Phoronix posts an article about GNOME or systemd and the people in the comments go crazy about how bad they are and all of the things that are wrong with them lol.
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      I think most distros would have significant boost to performance if they dropped support for CPUs without SSE4.1. There are many loops that autovectorize very nicely with -O3, but only if they have shuffle from SSSE3, and if they do integer multiplications SSE4.1 (before that SSE only have 16bit integer multiplication).


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        but does clear linux still works on ryzen. i just tried to install it and it freeze. something about kvm and cpu without MWAIT support plus a few more debug logs and thats it.