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GNOME 3.28 Desktop Officially Released

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    Originally posted by Spooktra View Post
    This is a perfect example of everything wrong with the Linux ecosystem, namely the perpetually incomplete state of open source software, it seems like it never gets done. No sooner that a version is released they start working on the next version, which usually differs by little more than a newer version number. With Windows based software, the software at some point reaches a "finished" state and then you may have a newer version in a couple of years, when there is some new feature or capability added. With Linux based software you may get something like it was compiled with a newer version of a compiler, some cosmetic changes and that's about it.
    I think what you are looking for are the LTS releases.

    With Windows, there is very little visibility of what is done under the covers to get a SP out the door.

    With Linux, at least you are aware (sometime too aware) of everything that is going into an update. Verbosity is not an issue with Linux.

    If you want to align your Linux use to be more like the way MSFT releases updates, use the LTS versions.


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      Originally posted by RussianNeuroMancer View Post
      You can use Onboard instead (this is what I do on tablets) but if you want to use Caribou you need to install two extensions.
      Funny thing is, I find onscreen keyboard for both Windows 10 and Gnome pretty crappy. Onboard is awesome though, just wish it integrated better with Gnome. The keyboard for the Nokia N9 was partially ported at one point and was a phenomenal virtual keyboard, but sadly they went caribou, which I think was only inspired by the MeeGo one.