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Mozilla Servo Team To Begin Focusing On VR / Mixed Reality

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  • Mozilla Servo Team To Begin Focusing On VR / Mixed Reality

    Phoronix: Mozilla Servo Team To Begin Focusing On VR / Mixed Reality

    Mozilla's Servo team is being absorbed by the company's Mixed Reality Team...

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    That right. Let's continue drain battery, decode video on CPU instead of GPU and delay Wayland support. Sure, they are free to work on anything they want, I don't even use their browser anymore, but this move smells to me like Firefox OS.


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      This is an idiotic move...

      Basically every VR product out right now is "virtually" a flop the *web* isn't going to change that.

      Firefox OS was actually good at being a basic phone I used it for several months. Also alot of the performance improvements we are reaping now started out in Firefox OS as the hardware requirements were so stringent.


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        And so Mozilla kills one of the few good things they were doing...


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          Originally posted by KellyClowers View Post
          And so Mozilla kills one of the few good things they were doing...
          The "Quantum" in Firefox Quantum is code for "with pieces of Servo".

          Given that they always intended Servo to be a test platform, who cares what division develops it as long as pieces like the Stylo CSS engine (already in Firefox and enabled) and WebRender (not in stable, but you can enable it in Nightly) continue to get merged into Firefox as they mature?


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            Ugh... I really wish Mozilla could get their priorities straight. There are so many things they should be doing instead, and this is coming from someone who supports VR. Unlike Google, who has as many resources to dump into Chrome as they want, Mozilla doesn't.


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              Eh, hard to care about their Mixed Reality Team when they have zero interest in free software VR SDKs like OSVR or VR on free software platforms like Linux.


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                they should be assisting in finding ways to prevent bloat and redundancy in the library ecosystem and language ( collapsing many features into few that synergize well allowing many programming patterns ) they depend on , not adding bloat to its flagship project

                Rust's undoing will be probably be its unnecessary complexity ( both in comparison to old yet popular ones and newer languages that it helped spawn ) ; at least macros , syntax extensions , generics and whole program optimization (rustc is building a llvm alternative lacking that ) can be replaced by compile time function evaluation ( which is a planned feature anyways ) and first class types , with a whole lot others, such as traits and even the borrow checker ( let it be a library instead ) being within the realm of practicality .
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                  As someone who's been tinkering with Servo extensively lately, this decision is baffling and hard to understand. I'm not really understanding the synergy between Servo and VR, and thus far VR has failed to demonstrate that it's anything besides a giant meme.


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                    This is certainly an interesting step. I hope they keep their focus on getting servo into Firefox proper and then start getting into the experimental phase.