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MATE 1.20 Released With HiDPI Abilities, Global Menu Support

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  • MATE 1.20 Released With HiDPI Abilities, Global Menu Support

    Phoronix: MATE 1.20 Released With HiDPI Abilities, Global Menu Support

    After nearly one year in development, lead MATE developer Martin Wimpress has announced version 1.20 of this GNOME2-forked desktop environment...

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    2 hours and no comments!

    Nobody cares for mate😪


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      Because trolling sometimes get old.
      Nevertheless, "A pathetic excuse for a desktop environment that still has not been completely rewritten in Rust and doesn't even support wayland!".


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        better late than never, they were supposedly going to release a few weeks ago

        /waits patiently for package managers


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          In a corporate environment, and when the alternative is Gnome3, Mate is definitely the better choice.


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            Michael would it be possible to test Linux Mint to compare between Mate and Cinnamon? Boot time, memory consumtion, power usage... I usually install Mint to novice coming from windows with old machine, I pick Mate as it was lighter years ago but now I'm wondering who wins...


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              Why is this getting flagged as "potential SPAM?"

              I l o v e M A T E . Now I can use it on my HiDPI C h r o m e b o o k s. I hope F27 gets it soon.

              Damn. So sorry for the multiple posts. I wish I could delete the others.

              I deleted the other posts. :-)
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                Anyone know how the Global Menu works? KDE has this feature too but it's limited to qt apps. If I install this on Ubuntu, it it compatible with their patched apps, like LibreOffice? Will LibreOffice show a global menu? Or is this like KDE where only the core Mate apps use the global menu?
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                  i will try it once it lands on manjaro


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                    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

                    People who need rust, java etc should not program at all. You are sleeping if you can not avoid null pointer assignments and buffer index overflows. Wayland is for resource hog bloated desktops in developing countries with wired unsecure networks. A pentium 3 can run X and Xfce just fine and nobody attacks to your 4G mobile data router.
                    I know. I was being funny .