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KDE Plasma Remains Committed To Supporting Icons On The Desktop

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    Originally posted by jpg44 View Post
    The code to support that cannot be that great and should not take much to maintain
    You're clearly not a developer, are you?


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      Even though Linux is all about choice and all, I can't help but think this "having 3000 desktop environments" is bad for the system as a whole. Lots of effort, lots of competition for what could just be one very configurable desktop and that's it. At most, we would need a high end and a low end one and that's it.

      I know, I know.... But that's how I feel, anyway.


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        Originally posted by jpg44 View Post
        Removing desktop icons is such an insane idea. The code to support that cannot be that great and should not take much to maintain, so thats a pretty lousy excuse. Its a very useful feature that allows easy access to common applications documents and folders. Gnome UI is such a cluster of screwups anyway, its basically unuseable. The workflow is simply terrible. Seems to be influenced by mobile touch interfaces. People need to realize that the mobile and desktop formats require completely different UI paradigms. Really anyone who has ever worked on mobile programming should be barred from touching desktop UIs.
        Maybe there's gonna be an extension for desktop icons


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          Originally posted by GreenByte View Post

          And I'm waiting for both of you in the i3 camp.
          Fun fact: you can be in the KDE camp and the i3 camp at the same time. I am quite enyoing running Plasma with i3 replacing Kwin, having the best of both worlds.
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            Originally posted by Blodoffer View Post

            I'm that weird guy who understands and likes Gnome's workflow. To me they are making all the right moves. Gnome needs more users that use it the way it was intended instead of using 15 extensions to turn it into a another XFCE. In a sense it's a good thing that people who don't like Gnome use another DEs - that's why they exist in the first place!
            You explained the problem to yourself using your own logic. :-)