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Haiku OS Is Very Close To Their Long Awaited Beta, New Repository Working

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    Originally posted by pabloski View Post
    Thank you but this is the linux version as far as I can tell this is how it fairs on haiku still impressive though.


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      Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post

      Because they can and they want to. That is as valid a reason as every other reason.
      So what? I mean we live in a free world (mostly in most of its parts)obviously people are empowered to do what ever they want as long as they don't brake local laws or harm others in any shape or form.... Because one can do something does not mean that he necessarily should do it.

      You can hit your head to the wall every X amount of seconds if you like to do that, you do that because you want to, it is a valid reason, still it does not mean that you should do it.

      Originally posted by MoonMoon View Post
      And if people would stop posting on Phoronix and instead focused on developing current software Linux might just be just a little better because of that. What is your point?
      Those two activities are not comparable although what you said is practically true the scale of it is totally different because

      a) posting on a forum is not as time consuming as developing an OS not even close.

      b) you usually are able to do a primary task (such as code something or work on your thesis or watch a movie etc) while also browsing/posting on a forum in between

      c) Not all people that post on a forum are able to contribute in the same way, obviously the people that are able to develop an OS no matter how inferior (compared to other OSs) are much more technically inclined than the average netizen who takes part in posting stuff in forums.. So time these people do not spend on making e.g linux better has a much smaller impact compared to time actual OS developers would/could spent even if we take total numbers into account.
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