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Windows 10 WSL vs. Docker on Windows 10 vs. Bare Metal Linux Performance

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    Originally posted by AndyChow View Post
    That the x264 encoding is faster on WSL than bare metal linux makes little sense. It was done completely on the CPU, right? I'm thinking maybe it's a turbo-power thing where Windows 10 just handles power states better for that particular chip than on linux. Intel Turbo boost technology doesn't sound like something linux would master right away.
    This was also true for C-Ray on Ubuntu. I wonder if WSL does some memory allocation tricks (i.e just grows the WSL memory pool and never decreases it until the process quits) and that x264 might be using a lot of malloc()+free() in the hot path. Because it should be just CPU-bound and mostly 1:1 in performance. I have no real knowledge of WSL but does it use exactly the same binaries that Ubuntu uses or does it use their own repository so that they might be compiled with a different version of GCC or something like that?


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      Originally posted by edwaleni View Post
      is Docker exposing the CPU instructions properly?
      It's not Docker, but Windows Hyper-V that would be at fault here. On Windows 10, Docker runs under Hyper-V.