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DragonFlyBSD Gets NX Bit Support

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  • DragonFlyBSD Gets NX Bit Support

    Phoronix: DragonFlyBSD Gets NX Bit Support

    While NX bit has been around for many years with AMD64 for marking page tables as no-execute or not, the DragonFlyBSD kernel is now only making use of it...

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    You say that Linux has had support for years, but a systemd update a while back had an entry for enabling/disabling such support on a per service basis, implying that it's not on by default. I know FreeBSD has that support and on by default, I know OpenBSD does, I know Windows does, I know OS X does.... but I can't find an answer as to whether common distros on Linux do or do not enable such and that entry implies not (by it's very existence for a tech that should have been considered default without question for many years now) which is a bad thing.