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FreeBSD 12 Looking At Dropping SVR4 Binary Compatibility

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    I'd say no. Besides, it seems not functional since a long time, so if OpenSolaris compatibility works fine then you have your answer.
    It, yeah, looks like a shim for ZFS, like one poster earlier remarked. Been going through FreeBSD documentation trying to find out anything contrary. I've just being assuming it's another emulation layer because naming pattern similarity for kernel module for Linux ABI. Live and learn.


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      Originally posted by Tomin View Post

      Are you sure about this? I think all x86 that Linux kernel has dropped is 386. All Pentiums are still supported. I don't know, if there are any users, though.
      Considering intel is still shipping IA-32 chips*, it would be foolish to think there aren't any IA-32 Linux users out there. But i586 specifically, I can't imagine there are many of those still in service, and certainly not with the latest kernels installed.



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        Originally posted by Beherit View Post
        If the compatibility layer indeed hasn't been working for years, and no one noticed it, I'd say it's about time to retire and remove it.
        Apparently it was fixed though: