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More Benchmarks From The 2016 MacBook Pro (Mac-A5C67F76ED83108C)

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  • More Benchmarks From The 2016 MacBook Pro (Mac-A5C67F76ED83108C)

    Phoronix: More Benchmarks From The 2016 MacBook Pro (Mac-A5C67F76ED83108C)

    A few days ago I wrote about how Apple's 2016 MacBook Pro and Linux Don't Mix, but prior to returning it to the sponsor, I did run a few more benchmarks under macOS beyond what was found in the original article...

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    Ran some benchmarks with my iMac 27" to compare. It detects my fusion drive as "ntfs" but it's journaled hfs+.

    Processor: Intel Core i5 @ 3.30GHz (4 Cores), Motherboard: iMac, Chipset: Intel 10, Memory: 2 x 4096 MB DDR3-1867MHz, Disk: 2 TB APPLE HDD ST2000DM001, Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 M395 2048MB, Monitor: iMac

    OS: macOS 10.12.1, Kernel: 16.1.0 (x86_64), Compiler: Apple LLVM 8.0.0 (clang-800.0.42.1) + GCC 4.2.1 + Xcode 8.1, File-System: NTFS, Screen Resolution: 5120x2880

    openssl: 122.77 (macbook 105.75)
    fhourstones: 12034.97 (macbook 8768.87)
    nexuiz nohdr (imac res much higher): 113.61 (macbook 53.10)
    nexuiz hdr (imac res much higher): 68.88 (macbook 37.43)
    build-php: 33.25 (macbook 41.18)

    I assume that the fusion drive would be outperformed badly by an ssd, otherwise the high end 2015 27" imac schools it.