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Solaris-Derived OpenIndiana Releases MATE Desktop ISOs

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  • Solaris-Derived OpenIndiana Releases MATE Desktop ISOs

    Phoronix: Solaris-Derived OpenIndiana Releases MATE Desktop ISOs

    It's been a while since last having any major news to report on OpenIndiana, the OpenSolaris/Illumos-derived operating system, but they are out today with new test ISOs that incorporate the MATE desktop...

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    Fantastic news. Oracle should do the same with the horrible and crappy Solaris 11 Desktop GUI.


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        Actually these testing ISOs are purposely created halfway through the development cycle: the last snapshot was published late April, the next one is scheduled in October and will feature MATE as main desktop environment.
        As always Phoronix is one of the very few websites talking about OpenIndiana and we warmly thank Michael for that.

        We post regular updates on Twitter and on the website but the activity can be mostly observed on the Github repository of our userland tree:

        A number of packages receives regular updates: Firefox, Thunderbird, Pulseaudio, GCC, Clang, Go, PHP, Perl, Python, Postgresql, Apache, Nginx, Lighttpd, Bind, Git, VLC, ...