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Tux, Say Hi To Apple's macOS "Sierra"

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    Yeah, it's completely ridicolous how they manage to take stuff there is out there already (siri personal assistant, various geotagging/image and face recognition, device-as-a-unlock-key as on Android, various assorted sharing features, and cloud storage, and so on and so forth) and by the magic of sane preconfiguration setup and captivating looks manage to turn it in an interesting thing for non-IT-literate users.

    I mean, just look at this

    And then find a random Win10 features slideshow where you can find out it does barely more than Ubuntu.

    Good, Good, very good. This is the Apple we all love.
    Just FYI "device as an unlock key" exists on Apple today. I have a third party "app" (parts running on mac, on iPhone, and on Apple Watch) that does it.


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      Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
      Go read what Tesla thought alternating currents, radio waves, ionizing radiation, and other stuff were.
      It had weird ideas about things oscillating in other things, and the notion of "ether" and other non-scientific nonsense. No proof of jackshit of his theories.

      He was a good inventor, one of the empyrical ones that tweaked things in secrecy very retro-style, those that are now obsolete in any known branch of advanced technology, which cannot live without some large support from scientific community behind.

      Since when does being a genius mean you need to be correct about everything you ever thought? What kind of ridiculous standard is this?


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        Originally posted by chrisq View Post

        Linux user since 96, using it professionally since 01.
        Love individual freedom and capitalism (basically the same thing).
        Read Ayn Rand and liked it, same with Vice at least up until a few years ago.
        Contributed to several OSS projects.

        Don't like macOS for its locked down nature.

        There is no problem being capitalist and being part of a community, OSS or any other.
        We just insist that said membership must be voluntary, and the group doesn't restrict other peoples freedom.

        Your attempt at linking the linux/OSS community to socialism is not only not helpful, it's also wrong.

        I was wrong about where we need to move, I wasn't wrong about where the problem was, it is you. Your "community" is a toxic cesspool of activist mediocrity.