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GNU Hurd 0.8 & Mach 1.7 Released

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    Originally posted by aht0 View Post

    AFAIK BSDs can't really "port" Linux GPL drivers. They'd have to write them pretty much from scratch due license and differences of OS itself. Could you bring examples of the exact drivers that have been ported from Linux? I keep bumping into threads in BSD forums where someone requests driver from Linux but the responses are "we can't really, without going at it pretty much from scratch.. First Because GPL does not allow direct port and second, BSD/Linux OS kernels share no direct code and use often different mechanisms to implement things.. "
    The Intel graphics drivers are routinely being ported over DragonFly:


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      I might be wrong but DragonFly is rather an exception than the rule. "Main BSDs" (FreeBSD and OpenBSD) avoid using GPL-licensed software in their base. Yeah, you can access it by using ports but base OS as a rule does not have GPL-code in it. Or if it has, devs try to get rid of it as fast as possible.

      Brief glance to the Wikipedia shows that DragonFlyBSD is using GCC 5.2 for it's base system. It's GPL.

      Thus they seem to have no policy about not mixing up copyleft- and BSD code in it's base.
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