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Windows 10 Insider Update Now Ships Ubuntu Bash For Windows

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    phoronix It seems you still haven't installed this lxss?
    You need to activate insider, developer mode and fast lane and then grab build 14316 or later.


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      Originally posted by aht0 View Post

      User-tracking, keylogging etc..

      What makes you so sure that sooner or later Linux would not follow in Microsoft steps. Push for profit remains identical for megacorporation behind Windows and business oriented corporations behind Linux.

      First shy attempts have already happened. More specifically Ubuntu and it's tracking for Unity Dash Amazon searches.Tracking like this is something that Windows users do not even think of much, it's just so commonplace. Since the average computer user does not seem to mind the constant surveillance, what would stop corporations behind Linux to expand in this direction? Motivation is there: extra profit after all.

      I would predict Linux ending up sort of hybrid between Android and Windows. At least certain distributions backed and developed by commercial entities. Android because of massive marketing in it, Windows because of ever increasing integration with systemd (reminds me a lot svchost.exe in windows) and thus decreasing modularity.
      Sure, but there are tons of community-made distros out there.

      And I wouldn't mind going to OpenBSD, really I like BSD's.