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Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks

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  • Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix: Running Some Fresh BSD vs. Linux Benchmarks

    Given the recent releases of FreeBSD 10.2 and NetBSD 7.0, plus the H2'2015 Linux distribution updates rolling around, I've just started work on a new BSD vs. Linux operating system performance comparison...

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    As always, DragonFly wins.


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      Looking forward to seeing the results


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        I suspect for AMD hardware, like FreeBSD, you just need to startx/xdm to use the KMS drm drivers.. there might not be a KMS console driver in a release version of Dragonfly, so, of course your screen will turn black after loading the radeon or intel drm modules.

        NetBSD 7.0 doesn't have USB 3.0 support yet, which may be causing issues.. also buggy SATA driver it seems, hmm.

        You should probably learn how to use the operating systems you're trying to test, for example, AMD graphics is probably the WORST to be trying at the moment.. the later generations are more complex and lack 2D hardware and require firmware to be loaded, etc. Intel is probably better for DragonFly and OpenBSD, and nVidia is undoubtedly better for FreeBSD (proprietary drivers).

        I find it odd that you omitted OpenBSD from your tests as well, for example, Haswell graphics have been supported since the 5.5 release.. and unlike FreeBSD/DragonFly, there was KMS framebuffer console/wscons(4) integration on both AMD and Intel pretty much from day 1. FreeBSD had to rewrite their entire console support with "newcons vt" which, IIRC, is not enabled by default in any release.
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          Thanks for doing these tests, it is very much needed for the BSD and Linux communities as they have come a long way! I would greatly appreciate if you could find the time to add Slackware 14.1 to the benchmark with the other Linux distros and the BSDs.

          Thanks again! Have a good one!


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            Anxious on how Debian, FreeBSD contrast each other.


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              Are you sure NetBSD is hanging there and it's not just the prompt which root device to use? Just a few lines above, it can be seen that your HD was found, but couldn't be identified. I guess that confused it and it's now asking what to mount as root. If it's a USB drive, try sd0a (if partitioned) / sd0d (if no partitions) there.


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                Originally posted by CtrlAltDeltoids View Post
                NetBSD 7.0 doesn't have USB 3.0 support yet,
                WTF?!?! Maybe a comparison against windows xp or ubuntu 5.04 would be more fitting...


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                  BSD installation.. welcome back in the 90s lol


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                    Originally posted by teeedubb View Post

                    WTF?!?! Maybe a comparison against windows xp or ubuntu 5.04 would be more fitting...
                    Linux only had USB 3.0 out of the gate because an Intel employee (Sarah Sharp) wrote it, having access to both specifications and hardware before general availability.

                    Windows XP did not include USB 3.0 drivers, but, of course Intel or a 3rd party filled the gap quickly.

                    You know nothing of what you mock.
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