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OpenIndiana 2015.10 "Hipster" Released To Continue On The OpenSolaris Dream

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    Originally posted by indezign View Post
    1. Mesa 11.0.2 package is in the repo.
    2. Firefox 38.2.1esr packages are available at:
    3. They're using LibreOffice 4.4.5. Fixed OpenOffice 4.1.1 packages are freely available by 3rd party providers.
    And don't you think that...
    1) Don't you think more or less modern version of browser should be DEFAULT state of things? Anyone offering FF24 in 2015 is a horrible necromancer. Same goes for stuff like MESA for any wannabe-desktop thing if they are serious about it.
    2) MESA 11.x is cool, but what hardware it actually supports? Its all about underlying DRM/KMS and other stuff, without which one can at most expect superb llvmpipe, getting their fancy rendering on CPU, measured in Frames Per Minute. Since news article claims it lags behind even BSDs in regard of DRM/KMS (and BSDs are utterly bad at it) it's not what I would call good desktop. If OS forces one to be very picky about hardware, it hardly counts as OS feature. Whatever, its major bug.