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Windows 10 Reportedly On 67+ Million PCs Already

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    I dont know if this is true or not but it seems some people are reporting the number as wrong.


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      Originally posted by bakgwailo View Post

      Why is MS on the hook for QA'ing a 3rd party's software? I mean sure, hate MS and everything, but, that's pretty much on the VPN vendor to QA and update their own shit.
      Because the entire Windows OS model is so broken, it allows 3rd party software to break the OS.

      You'll rarely if ever see 3rd party software breaking a non-Microsoft OS. Why? Because most non-Microsoft operating systems use a package manager to manage the software installed on the system, so that no package steps on any other package, or on the OS, and all dependencies and hardware/software requirements are automatically resolved. For those 3rd party softwares that are not managed by the package manager, they get installed either under /opt, or under /usr/local, both places that are reserved specifically for such things.

      The Microsoft way, on the other hand, is to allow any 3rd party installer to crap all over c:\windows\system32, to have diarrhea all over the registry, and Windows allows it. 3rd party software often breaks Windows, because Microsoft allows it to. The idea of using this magical "Registry" to hold critical OS configuration, but then also allowing 3rd party software to crap all over that, is just plain stupid. Linux/UNIX do not have this problem.

      So yes, Microsoft is responsible for building an OS that can competently work with 3rd party software. And Microsoft fails miserably at this, they always have.
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        This is only partly true, basically you mainly have got problems with really old software - those might be running with Wine even better than with a new Windows system. Or if you need things like old Windows Live support - this is tricky as well. But in general it is not like you say as MS updates its own runtimes with Windows Update and old software gets a "faked" system directory unless you run it as admin. It would be hard to say that a system broke due to a game, thats just not the case - and btw. MS wants to sell games via the MS store, you can expect that those run... That's the main fear of Valve(Steam)/EA(Origin).


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          Originally posted by edmon View Post

          did you misunderstand me or i didn't explain well....
          what makes you believe that there is graphics of "all internet traffic"!?!? this graphics are about their interent traffic and it's 10% of the expected traffic....
          do you understand me now?
          The only graphics I saw were for total internet traffic.

          Where it says "Windows Update Traffic Share", that's the share of all traffic logged.


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            Updated my desktop system's Win7 to Win10 . No major problems. Needed to reinstall GPU drivers, and turn fastboot off to allow Linux and PC-BSD to mount NTFS volumes. Of course all "Windows calls home" options there are to disable were disabled as soon as system was in working condition. After one weeks usage my experiences with Windows 10 are mostly positive. System works smoothly, is stabile, all my software from Windows 7 (Steam games too) work nicely and so on.