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Wondering If HP Will Release Linux++ This Month

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  • Wondering If HP Will Release Linux++ This Month

    Phoronix: Wondering If HP Will Release Linux++ This Month

    Back in 2014 HP made waves over announcing work on "The Machine" that will be a much more efficient computer design than the status quo and that there'd be a new Linux++ / Carbon operating system. Last year they said in "June 2015" they expected to have out Linux++ for emulating the new hardware design...

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    I was wondering about this too. I was pretty excited about The Machine but we've heard nothing. At this point I predict HP will silently ignore that they ever said anything.

    However, they might surprise me so I wouldn't put money on it.


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      HP is 3-4 years late in delivering the memristor technology to market that The Machine is based on, so I wouldn't hold them to a specific month for the OS.


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        Don't make fun of the PR department's vapourware. You know that you were meant to have forgotten about this by now...


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          The video is just amazing, I am totally hypnotized and feel like I must jump everywhere. I really mean everywhere. Even on the roof of my car.

          To be honest I understood just nothing about all those blue arrows and circles and squares and boom-chica-chica-boom but I feel energized.

          Free drug for all! Thanks HP!


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            Aww, come on Michael, you should have worded the headline "Will HP Release Linux++ This Month?" to invoke Betteridge


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              How scalable are the efficiencies? Will this enable a full-service cloud that cuts out the middleman? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck before The Machine becomes self-aware and answers the questions of tomorrow today?

              Needs more synergy.

              Marketing speak is like a used toilet paper Rorschach test.
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                eidolon The Monkey Island reference is a nice touch. +1


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                  Can't say that I'm too amazed that HP has yet to live up to the marketing hype.
                  Back when the original story was released I wrote [1]:

                  Originally posted by gilboa View Post

                  Thus far "the machine" sound like a huge marketing hype based on HP Moonshots with better interconnect technology.
                  Granted, if HP actually manages to get memristors into production at a reasonable price, this will indeed change the computing landscape, but HP is not known for being particularly innovative company (Even though I rather like their servers and workstations and used many of them).

                  Time will tell, I guess.
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                    The video is impressive! They have good artists.