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    Originally posted by Jeroen View Post
    Michael W Lucal talks about the BSD and GPL license in this video, amongst other things.
    this is a good talk about positive and negative freedom
    idk where to stand, maybe bit here bit there


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      Dragonfly started as a FreeBSD fork with different goals and priorities for the threading/multicore code, and grew into something targeted at multi-node cluster deployments. Back when they forked they inherited UFS2 (a perfectly ok single-disk filesystem that, with different optional features, compares to ext2/3/4). To support their enterprise/cluster targets they wanted something with snapshots and built-in RAID handling, and ideally network replication. ZFS could perhaps be shaped to work, but back when they started it the FreeBSD port was new, experimental and temperamental; btrfs had both the wrong license and was even less stable.

      Everything considered, it's not entirely surprising that they wanted to write their own custom checksumming network-replicated snapshotting RAID filesystem.