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Foreign LINUX: Running Unmodified Linux Binaries On Windows

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    Necessity is the mother of all inventions.

    So many years of improvements and the kernel is still sorely lacking a descent BSOD, something had to be done ! Now Linux binaries will have their fair chances at last.

    Seriously, this is really nice, much potentials.


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      Bash, Nano, Vim, Pacman, Wget can already be run on Windows, natively.


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        Originally posted by profoundWHALE View Post
        We have a winner. Lets spam the guys at Foreign LINUX until this is the official name.
        I will call it ENWI, hmm? (Emulator Not Wine Is, hmm?)

        It works in so many context. I Enwi this Linux app. Enwi brings Linux apps to Windows...
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          We had Wine, now we also have Fine.

          (Foreign linux Is Not an Emulator.)

          Heh heh.


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            Originally posted by rabcor View Post
            That's kinda cool, although what I would really like to be able to do is replace the desktop shell of windows with a Linux desktop environment, like enlightenment or openbox or something, and make the windows look and behave like a linux machine, but with the ability to run windows binaries natively.
            Now THAT would be nice to have, for those Win-things you still need to use (but without the viruses or crap)