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HP To Launch Linux++ Operating System Next Year

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  • HP To Launch Linux++ Operating System Next Year

    Phoronix: HP To Launch Linux++ Operating System Next Year

    Hewlett Packard is going to introduce their "revolutionary" new operating system next summer that's dubbed Linux++...

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    Whole OS designed for vapor hardware. I guess if you are a big corporation its okay.


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      That video reminded me a lot of the Jabberwocky presentation from "Better off Ted":
      Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

      A whole lot of fun words, and not a lot of substance (until the end, anyways).


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        I'm pretty sure this is going to happen, HP has been working on Memristors for about 5 years publicly now.


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          I sure hope it does, I was just poking some fun at the video. It seems like a promising technology, after reading more about the physics of it.


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            Another company who fundamentally "reinvents" something, with the obligatory "quantum leap". It always makes me laugh that they obviously don't understand that a quantum leap is the tiniest leap possible.


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              I saw new possibilities for:
              financial scam mechanisms like high frequency trading
              handling even more personal data for harvesting and processing real-time

              Or is it just me...


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                Are we sure?

                It is just me or the revolutionary OS is Carbon and Linux++ is only a platform who simulates the environment Carbon will bring?


                • #9
                  I bet Linus will sue them for the name...


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                    HP CTO: We need to make a grande entrance and capitalize on existing brands with this new computer thing. What should we name our product to convey that?
                    HP Slave: I know what if we call it the HP OS
                    HP CTO: No that just sounds boring and once we kill of.... I mean upgrade users to Carbon we'll have used that glorius name.
                    HP Slave: Well Linux is a buzz word lately that everyone seems to take seriously & talk about
                    HP CTO: Perfect, but how do we capitalize on our superiority over our competition?
                    HP Slave: Well, I just learned that ++ means next generation or or +1 in that C++ is the next version of C
                    HP CTO: Perfect, we'll call it Linux++! We're Geniuses and Super Smart! It's a sure way to make lots and lots of money!