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PC-BSD 9.2 Is An Exciting Upgrade

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  • PC-BSD 9.2 Is An Exciting Upgrade

    Phoronix: PC-BSD 9.2 Is An Exciting Upgrade

    One week after the FreeBSD 9.2 release that brought ZFS TRIM and LZ4 compression support, updates to DTrace, and kernel changes, there's now the release of PC-BSD 9.2. This release is quite exciting as besides pulling in the FreeBSD 9.2 packages the desktop-friendly operating system has some new changes of its own...

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    Exciting, indeed.
    I wonder how PKGNG will behave when used in addition to AppCafe and PBI's.
    Going to give it a try!


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      Originally posted by endman
      I think those features are just overrated. Especially with the fact that Linux already has better and more established implementations that make FreeBSD's ones look like a really bad joke.

      All I can see is that FreeBSD and PCBSD still has got more pressing problems that they refuse to solve.

      1. Their License, proprietary lovers.

      2. Graphics. Even thought they barely ported Intel and AMD KMS, they are still behind Linux. KMS is no longer a new technology btw so nothing to see here, please move on. There is still no Nouveau KMS, and they are still heavily reliant on proprietary NVidia drivers.


      4. PCBSD can't even run on most x86 hardware with modern acpis

      5. Basic features like Wireless, sound etc. are just behind

      6. BSD devs don't use their BSD, they use Windows and Macs while trolling against Linux. The same with PCBSD (even though they claim their goal is user friendliness).

      These are things that BSD bums have been stubbornly ignoring for years and instead focus on pathetic non important features which will not help anyone.

      Would you refuse to celebrate a third-world country wiping out malaria just because the West wiped it out in their countries years ago? Bad analogy, but regardless:

      1: The BSD license is certified open-source, and Richard Stallman agrees that BSD licensed software is free software. Additionally, so great is his agreement, that GNU ncurses is BSD licensed.

      2: KMS is new to the BSDs. As for Nouveau, it should probably be ported in time. For now the nViDiA proprietary driver is quite adequate.

      3: Are you sure? Compared to what? I've not found any reason to complain.

      4: What's a 'modern acpi'? And I believe PC-BSD tends to run on most modern computers. I've yet to see one it fails on.

      5: What on earth does 'just behind' mean? I agree that there is some lack of wireless drivers. However wireless and sound do work fine in general.

      6: Is this true? Perhaps you could cite a source. And you'll need to do better than just one or two devs-- I want to see a majority if your statement is to be believed. Good luck.