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FreeBSD Can Compete With Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8

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    Originally posted by dante View Post
    PC-BSD is just FreeBSD with a customized installer, there is no changes on the system, pkg install binary packages older than the ports packages but they are tested by the FreeBSD team, ports packages are newer but they are not tested and doesn't mean that they more stable or secure just because they are newer.
    Don't bother answering it: it's the BSD troll again - I've reported it.


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      Originally posted by archibald View Post
      What's wrong with the package tools?
      Pardon me, I was writing about FreeBSD.


      Exactly my toughs.
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        Originally posted by lala View Post
        Interesting, but what's the cause for the high performance on FreeBSD?

        What operating system is the PS3 running on? maybe nvidia and sony tinkered around it.
        It was already explained: it's nvidia blob taking control of your OS (not so literally). With Solaris performance should be the same.


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          Phoronix: FreeBSD Can Compete With Ubuntu Linux, Windows 8

          Yesterday I published results that show NVIDIA's Linux driver is very competitive with Microsoft Windows 8 when it comes to OpenGL gaming performance. It turns out that the NVIDIA BSD driver, which is still mostly shared common code with Linux and Solaris and Windows, pairs very well with FreeBSD's Linux binary compatibility layer. The NVIDIA BSD performance is very good for OpenGL as shown in this article with a comparison of Windows 8 vs. Ubuntu 13.10 vs. FreeBSD 9.1. In fact, for some OpenGL workloads the Linux games are running faster on FreeBSD/PC-BSD 9.1 than Ubuntu!

          ... I guess I missed this past article, but anyway, Thanks for results !
          It's refreshing to see Phoronix checkout the *BSD's now and then.