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FreeBSD Radeon Support Might Be Good In Mesa 9.2

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    Originally posted by edoantonioco View Post
    But there should be an AMD official driver?, due to PS4 use BSD
    No, you're making a poor assumption. Besides *BSD users do not want binary blobs. No thanks.


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      Originally posted by tron_ston
      Wrong, totally wrong

      Please see these posts from the FreeBSD mailing lists:

      Quote from FreeBSD mailing list:

      Proves how much they are at being proprietary whores.
      Firstly, the quote you pulled was not from the message you referenced, but rather from this one.
      That helps to put it in perspective, as well as say who the original poster was i.e. Terry Lambert

      Secondly, FreeBSD is still open source, but since the kernel is not copyleft it can be shipped with binary drivers, or kernel components under a GPLv2 incompatible license (e.g. the CDDL and GPLv3) in comparison to the Linux kernel which legally can't.
      Though that hasn't stopped Samsung and the like from doing it anyway with their Android devices, if anything you should be more outraged at the fact that they're committing a copyright violation and getting away with it.


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        Originally posted by tron_ston
        Wrong, totally wrong.
        Actually completely right. You're joking me? One post from 1999 does not represent the *BSD developers or the general user base. A small percentage of users will do foolish things like but that is expected. Enough fools will sell their soul for a chocolate bar. Even Linux based OS's do the right thing and do not utilize binary blobs by default, which is what matters. If someone wants to do stupid things after that fact that is your business.