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11-Way Linux, BSD Platform Comparison

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  • 11-Way Linux, BSD Platform Comparison

    Phoronix: 11-Way Linux, BSD Platform Comparison

    Building upon last month's eight-way Linux vs. BSD operating system comparison, out today is an expanded 11-way OS showdown. The new OS test results available are for the Arch-based Manjaro Linux distribution, Debian GNU/Linux, and Debian GNU/kFreeBSD. The other competitors include PC-BSD, DragonFlyBSD, CentOS, Fedora, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Mageia, and openSUSE.

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    curious how openbsd would benchmark compared.


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      In the Xonotic low benchmark, half of them are stuck at just nearly 60 FPS.
      Forget to turn off vsync?


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        Nice test.

        Would be nice to see illumos, OpenIndiana, or OpenSXCE (OpenSolaris) and Windows 8 or 2012 thrown in the mix.


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          And where are some competitors in last benchmarks?

          I fail to see 11 competitors in last benchmarks. Yet no comments. I can imagine BSDs were out of luck for gaming and multimedia due to crappy video drivers. But why there was no pgbench? Have all BSDs failed it as well? Or someting?


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            This is a nice view of the results, sorted by efficiency and normalized
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            Michael, if you are reading, I left a note on the last PTS release article's thread. There is a bug in the computation of geometric mean, where is it doesn't make sense when some of the tests are of the type "less is better"


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              I too would be interested in more *BSD systems as well as some of the Illumos-based distributions.


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                Linux with alternative userland

                Since I am currently investigating it, I would like to see how Alpine linux performs (uClibc and busybox instead of glibc and gnu coreutils). Considering that the GNU userland has a performance impact on top of the FreeBSD kernel, I suppose an alternative userland on top of Linux could be interesting to investigate too.


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                  late EDIT: Also Tiny Core Linux would be interesting to test


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                    Would be great to see Illumos and the (proprietary) Solaris. Even maybe Hurd...