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Shuttleworth Closes Bug #1, Microsoft's Market Share

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    Originally posted by johnc View Post
    Just wait until these Windows tablets and phones finally take off. It's not over yet.
    Just wait until we learn to fly, then you damn butchers will never catch us, said the pig.


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      Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
      Who said things don't change? Of course things change. What people in power do changed. What society does changed (although not as much as you would like to believe). What I said that there are some things that don't. For example fucking hasn't basically changed in the last 10000 years. Neither did the methods of getting into power. The methods used in Rome are basically the same methods used today, conceptually.
      To the contrary, fucking has changed lots. We've invented ways to fuck that ancient perverts wouldn't even be able to comprehend.

      We don't keep slaves anymore not because we became moral people but because slaves are really inneficient and if your neighbor used paid labor and made more profit then he could buy more tanks and invade and destroy you. That is why we don't use slaves anymore. Don't believe for one second that we became 'better'. The next two issues remain as your homework to really find out why those things changed.
      You really live in some kind of invented reality, don't you? Let's see... back in caveman age, all you needed to get to power was strength and a big club to bash in the head of the next strongest guy. Why don't you go try that today and see how much power that gets you?

      It's kind of sad how you don't have any idea how economics work, yet you try to justify your delusional ideas about society by abusing them...


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        Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
        Of course it does. Yesterday I wasted the whole day trying to get Rosegarden to work and after reading a lot of shit about jack fluidsynth timidity++ etc. I made it work somewhat but there still were problems, sound cracklings etc. And when using jack you can't listen to music in rhythmbox and in youtube. Now I know that the Stallman ass kissers will try to tell me how this is the way to go and how superior linux is to everything, but even after making it barely work I realized the whole Rosegarden interface looked like a vomit and said fuck it.

        I booted in windows installed Ableton Live (linux, being superior, doesn't have such applications) and in 5 minutes I was creating sounds like no tomorrow. It was hilarious. And I could listen to music while doing it in Windows media player. I know jack shit about using DAWs in linux and in windows so you can't say that I cheated, it was the first time I used both Rosegarden and Live. And yet in windows it just worked. Plus the Live interaface was a beauty to work with compared to Rosegarden. So intuitive and after 2 tutorials I knew everything I needed to know.

        All in all another reason to use windows and why linux deserves its 1% market share.
        Working with DAWs on Linux has always been a more than average difficult task, but there seems to be a few problems with your analysis.
        There are Pulse plugins for JACK so you can still route sound out when you're working on something, Rosegarden is a full blown sequencer DAW much akin to Pro Tools, nothing like Ableton Live so I fail to see the comparison there, if you had read so much about Rosegarden then you would already be familiar with the interface and would have 'realized the whole Rosegarden interface looked like a vomit' before you used the program and the thing about audio work on Windows is that it works about 90% of the time. The rest you have to deal with ASIO quirks such as crashing the program you're currently using or going completely silent until you reboot. That and Windows doesn't handle inter-application MIDI transport out of the box and if you use a program that isn't reWire compatible that gets really irritating.

        Most of those reasons is why I use OSX at the moment, but I do try Linux from time to time to see how the programs have improved and to see if my audio interface is supported by FFADO yet.


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          Originally posted by BO$$ View Post
          The open source people are idiots
          Please ban this troll already.