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OpenBSD 5.3 Improves Hardware Support

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  • OpenBSD 5.3 Improves Hardware Support

    Phoronix: OpenBSD 5.3 Improves Hardware Support

    One day after releasing the feature-rich DragonFlyBSD 3.4, the OpenBSD camp has announced the latest major release of their BSD operating system...

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    You forgot to mention that this release also includes OpenSMTPD 5.3. Which is the first release of OpenBSD's own smtp-server. It includes privilege separation, human readable configuration files, reliability and efficiency.
    For people expecting to get KMS support from this release need to wait until OpenBSD 5.4 is released or follow current

    I've been using OpenBSD at home for a couple of months now and I must say it's a breeze of fresh air in terms of consistency. It may not be the fastest OS out there and it may not support everything on the market, but it is concistent, does whatever I need it to do and it supports all my hardware.

    Why does Linux improved hardware support?
    Because it's an existing Operating System in a world where not every hardware manufacturer supplies native drivers for every operating system. Just like *BSD.