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NetBSD 6.1 Moves Close To Release

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  • NetBSD 6.1 Moves Close To Release

    Phoronix: NetBSD 6.1 Moves Close To Release

    One month after releasing NetBSD 6.1-RC1, the second release candidate to this first feature update for NetBSD 6 is now available...

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    Thx for trolling about it! I'm gonna try it out now!


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      Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
      When NetBSD losers say that NetBSD even runs on a toaster, What it means is this:

      NetBSD is not used to control how the toaster cooks bread. No. Cause NetBSD does not have any drivers to control the toaster.

      What NetBSD losers mean is that NetBSD can boot up on a toaster and after that, do absolutely nothing else.

      As the matter of fact, installing NetBSD on a toaster effectively makes the toaster useless.

      As the phoronix member kraftman who is always truthful said:
      What it really means is: NetBSD is so good that pathetic losers must troll about it. Are you so feared? Or just dumb?