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AMD KMS/DRM Driver Moves Along For FreeBSD

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    Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
    Please see the second post in this forum:
    Hey, nadir. I just want to say: keep it up! You are actually encouraging people to give FreeBSD a try. I want to thank you for that. Could you please keep this thread popular and create more FreeBSD threads?
    All this time I couldn't see how your stupidness help promote the *BSD world. I'm really starting to like you, pal. Seriously, keep it up!


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      See almost every post in this thread:

      They seem a lot more reasonable than you make them out to be.

      Btw, I have tried FreeBSD already, or else I wouldn't be looking forward to trying it in the future. The saying "The grass is always greener on the other side" comes to mind...only in your case it's more like "the grass is never, and never will be greener on the other side"; a rather "glass is half-empty" way of looking at things. Not a good way to approach anything, in my opinion.

      Ah, that food is probably poisioned, I'll stick with mine. How do you ever enjoy yourself?


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        Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
        Example of FreeBSD making a deal with one of many devils (nVidia). Not surprisingly, nVidia doesn't seem to give as much back to BSD. That's why GPL is better.
        you seem to be forgetting that nvidia doesn't contribute to nouveau either. on every os its all proprietary blobs. the gpl doesn't help you in any way there.

        I've got a better ideal: DUMP BSD, SWITCH TO LINUX
        posts like this is the reason i decided to try freebsd, and why I'm now moving my servers to it. if someone will spew as much bullshit as the m$ guys do with linux, it must be pretty good.


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          Originally posted by CthuIhux View Post
          In which case, you need to be admitted to a mental hospital
          At least he has servers. Do you? Any real world experience? I doubt so.