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BSDs Struggle With Open-Source Graphics Drivers

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    Originally posted by JS987 View Post
    X-Windows has all features what I need. I don't need compositing nonsense or crappy Wayland.
    Latest Intel GPUs support OpenGL 3.x on Linux.
    Debian developers can do what they want. Users don't have to use crap.

    No, we don't need North Korea on this forum.
    Mabye today, but tomorrow when it's be more and more work to port new software. It's not like it exist any big bsd desktop development today.
    As I understand it solaris has already mostly everything to run wayland. If they also switch you get even less collaboration from other project.


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      Originally posted by onicsis View Post
      The biggest threat to Linux is not BSD, Mac OS or even Windows is EVIL Patent System.
      You'd think that, but you'd be wrong. The biggest threat to Linux is it's user base. As evidenced by this forum.


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        It's the weekend. People drink too much


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          Originally posted by blackout23 View Post
          Who needs anything else than basic 2D support on BSD anyway?
          No one needs 2D support on BSD either.

          Same with 1D and 0D support; they are not needed on BSD.

          In fact no one needs BSD altogether.


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            Originally posted by BeardedGNUFreak View Post
            No wonder everyone calls this site 'moronix'...
            The correct acronym for BSD is Bitches Sucking Dicks

            Running the absolute latest NVidia drivers and doing bleeding edge OpenGL development on FreeBSD 9.1 right now.
            Keep dreaming, BSD only supports NVidia drivers 10 years out of date and the last time I checked, There's no OpenGL support. Only Linux OpenGL to run on pathetic linux compat layer which doesn't work property and causes X to support after 10 seconds

            No one outside of Linux kiddies gives a shit about the piece of crap Nouveau drivers.
            This statement shows just how much BSD fuckers hate freedom and open source. They prefer to offer their services free to proprietary companies hence the name proprietary sluts/whores.


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              Originally posted by Mike Frett View Post
              I find that it's really sad we are arguing with each other, communities of Alternative Operating Systems need to pull together and stop fighting.
              BSD fuckers are the cause of this, they are the ones who started flaming and FUDing about open source, Linux and the FSF.

              I don't know if any of you realized it yet, but you got Microsoft riding all our backs trying hard to pull some 007 stuff on us and wipe us out. Fighting each other only gives them more hope that we will be destroyed.
              BSD actually helps Microsoft and Apple. They fight with Linux and try to sabotage us.

              BSD actually holds back Linux by making open source devs waste their time on making thier software portable and not taking advantage of powerful Linux specific features. Just take a look at what KDE devs say: BSD annoy as so much effort has to be spread on portability for an OS that almost doesn't exists on thier usage pie chart. (kraftman has got more info on this, he'll provide the link if you ask him)

              So as supporters of Freedom and Open source, the enemy as Apple, Microsoft and BSD.

              And yes, BSD has some real issues and I think it comes with the territory, meaning Linux is quickly rising and BSD seems to of lost out quite a bit. It's sad, but what you BSD guys need to do is assess the situation on your end and embark on some workarounds. Put your heads together, I believe you can do it. Losing a member of the Free Software community would be a bad thing, I wish you all the best of luck.
              BSD is not part of the Free Software community, they are part of a society (consisting of Minix, Dawin, Opensolaris, Openillumois and OpenIndiana) who believe that it should be easy to make proprietary software and take away people's freedoms so it's a good thing to take down a member of that society.


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                Originally posted by Akka View Post
                Do anyone besides a few hobbyist care about bsd anymore? (no osx isn't bsd)
                Even hobbyists don't use BSD anymore.

                I get the impression they lost most of the support they had in the server market? Is Yahoos use is shrinking?
                Yahoo doesn't use "Free"BSD anymore.

                They use Linux!!!!!

                Besides some embedded stuff is it used anywhere in notable number commercially today?
                BSD is not even used in embedded stuff. The kernels are too heavy and unportable.


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                  Originally posted by yogi_berra View Post
                  Linux users. They are lost without a gui.
                  BSD fuckers. They are lost with thier license.


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                    Originally posted by tangram View Post
                    I think we can all agree on one thing: this forum is in serious need of moderation. Reading some of the posts in this thread makes me wonder how mankind even left caves.
                    This isn't BSD forums.

                    Free speech and human rights are respected here.


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                      Originally posted by onicsis View Post
                      Flamewars like Linux vs BSD should not ever exist.
                      BSD fuckers started these flamewars. If you don't want them, remove the BSD fuckers