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FreeBSD ftp vulnerability found

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  • FreeBSD ftp vulnerability found

    Take a look at this report:

    Looks like FreeBSD isn't so secure after all. They probably got more bugs not founded yet as no one gives any shit about BSD to look for them and fix them.

    As for this bug, it's ok, it be fixed in 5 years. In Linux a similar bug would be fixed in only a day or two.

    This just shows how much a myth is statement "BSD is more secure then Linux". WRONG. Linux is more secure. So stop spreading FUD and crap BSDtards.

    Man, so much BSD ads and trolls crap, it's so annoying:
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    Originally posted by systemd rulez View Post
    So stop spreading FUD and crap
    Go with your own advice, lying unethical troll.


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      Originally posted by Vim_User View Post
      Go with your own advice, lying unethical troll.
      That applies to you not me.


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        From the report:
        NetBSD and OpenBSD has fixed this issue in glob(3)/libc (2011)


        Libc was also vulnerable in Apple and Oracle products.

        only FreeBSD and GNU glibc are affected
        Emphasis added to clarify the facts.