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  • Originally posted by systemd rulez View Post
    Call me what ever you like
    No, I call you what you are, a wannabe troll.

    BSD zealot/troll/luser
    That is funny, I always wanted to have a look at one of the BSDs, but I have not found the mood and time for that yet.

    Your the one and is the troll and I'm just telling what I researched
    And your "research" shows us that all your sources, with one exception, is from an anti-BSD blog. If your research in school was (is?) from the same quality you must have failed miserably.

    Trolling at Phoronix? You mean people just talking about the truths about BSD and how shit it is? If you don't like that don't join phoronix forums. This forum from what I seen repects free speech. If you don't like that fuk off to BSD forums where they only allow you to post things they like (not even questions).

    Come back here once you suck it up cry bitch.
    Ah, the good old swearing. Here we actually can see how bad at trolling you really are.