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More users switch from BSD to Linux

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  • More users switch from BSD to Linux

    BSD Sucks and Dies has emailed me to post this as some moderator is being an asshole:

    In quick succession, and 701 First Ave (the webserver hosting and the FreeBSD progect's main page have hurriedly converted all their servers from FreeBSD to Linux. Yes that's right, from now on, when you load (mainpage only) you are using Linux not FreeBSD.

    This comes nearly one month after the security incident in which FreeBSD servers were hacked using a vulnerability which FreeBSD developers were not capable of fixing. Both and 701 First Ave said that FreeBSD is impossible to maintain with it's ports, BSD style init and source only update. They said that FreeBSD could not handle the loads they have, was very slow, hacked constantly and worst crashed most of the time when booting.

    Swishmail a long time user of FreeBSD has also followed them but more slowly with a program similar to what apache initiated nearly a month earlier.

    No doubt these events only confirm that FreeBSD (in fact all the BSDs) are collapsing in disarray. We can expect to see more web hosting providers to follow as the noose tightens around BSD in 2013 and Linux rising.