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NetBSD 6.0.1 Released, Brings Bug-Fixes

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    Originally posted by cb88 View Post
    I've used netbsd mainly for fun. I run it on my SparcStations. I also run Gentoo, Redhat 5.2 and OpenBSD on them. OpenBSD is alot nicer out of the box acutally but NetBSD tends to have a bit more hardware supported and has SMP for 32 bit Sparc so it sorta depends on the particular box I want to run it on.
    YOU'RE EITHER FUCK INSANE, CHILDISH and LOVE BDSM. Seriously, see the psychiatrist before you harm yourself further and after that for the love of the would, delete BSD and gentoo and install Fedora, Ubuntu or Mint.


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      I dont get it. BSD, Gentoo, etc are thin customisable distro's that serve markets that Fedora, Ubuntu, atc can't.... Why remove them and install something that can't serve your needs?


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        Originally posted by TechMage89 View Post
        Because of its simplicity, portability, and clean code, NetBSD is used heavily in embedded development. Pretty much any Apple embedded device (Time Capsule, etc.) uses it. I believe NASA also uses it for some embedded systems that need to go into space.

        NetBSD may be old, and lack features that a desktop user would want, but it is stable and has very clean and portable code. It's the closest you get these days to an old-style UNIX OS.
        NetBSD's code is complex and it's a mess, those hipsters attempted to port their shit to as many archs as possible and in doing so, added in a lot of code just to make NetBSD boot on those archs. Now their codes a mess and worse for them, they don't have the man power to deal with it.

        Linux on the other hand was done with great skill such that it runs and is useful on many platforms, and it's code is still clean, simple and elegant.

        Myth: NetBSD's code is clean, portable and simply
        Fact: NetBSD is a useless, unholy mess