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MorphOS Still Being Toyed With For PowerPC

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    imo this is, and will always be, a hobbyist OS for amiga'tards.

    They are directing this OS at people that would purposefuly buy old hardware so they can run an amiga like OS.

    sad is that it is quite snappy and had potential to revive old mac laptops that were left in the dust by apple but 111? is absolutely insane


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      Sure it can't be compared to popular systems such as Linux, OSX or Windows (for exemple) in terms of functionalities or applications and it's not targeted to non amiga user. It will remain an hobby OS and things are progressing really slowly... but it can do regular tasks you're excepting from a home computer.

      Here is a video review of MorphOS 3.0 :

      You will see that it's responsive and well polished.


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        I know it's responsive and the design made me think of bodhi linux for some reason ...


        why would I pay 111? to use it?


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          Well, nobody asks you or forces you to buy it

          First MorphOS has been designed for Amiga users, if you don't know how to use the Amiga OS, you will get lost. Like discovering Windows if you are a Linux user.

          But if somebody (ok, a computer hobbyist) has a MorphOS supported powerpc mac, is tired from slowness of latest OSX versions (or doesn't want to try a power pc linux distro which will not be responsive too unless using XFCE/LXDE), and are not afraid to learn a new OS, he might be interested in paying those 111,11 ? to get a fast dedicated PowerPC only OS which plays HD videos, listen music, surf the web, mail, ssh etc. and have fun. At least he got the chance to fully try it and even install it before to take his decision.

          If you are not an Amiga user or if you are not curious and interested to give a second life to an old apple hardware and discover an alternative system, then MorphOS is not the way to go.


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            no, don't get me wrong I'm more than interested in ressurecting a bunch of old mac laptops I have, but here's the thing:

            - I can't really run linux as the few distros that support powerpc (ubuntu, etc) lack the proper drivers for sound/wireless/gfx etc...

            - the best you can do is os x 10.5

            Morph os is fast and snappy and it does seems to have a gpu driver (????) sound works etc... wireless didn't

            but not being an amiga 'enthusiast' why in the hell would I pay 340? to put morph os on the laptops? I'd rather pirate OS x 10.5 and install on the others.

            again I wish them luck in this project and I see they have lots of amiga fans that will buy morph os ...

            but if they wish to expand their audience, if they want more people to use their morph os not just amiga fans they are gonna have to rethink their marketing.