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The Grinch That Delayed FreeBSD 9.1

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    Originally posted by scjet View Post
    Unfortunately, FreeBSD has been delayed, for years now, ever since Apple snapped up over half of the BSD-development team to build their MacOSX for them.
    And whos that to blame? Yes the BSD-license itself which caused Apple to steal code from BSD without giving back. The BSD developers found that the only way to make a living while still working with thier precious code (or fragments thereof) is to join apple.

    The BSD-license is a whore license. Too bad BSD developers hate the GPL which would have prevented this sort of thing.


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      Originally posted by Pawlerson View Post
      But Linux is the most advanced kernel/OS.
      From the standpoint of development that's right (even if debatable on a variety of regards; because no, hacks are not proper solutions)
      From the standpoint from design it's not ... and FreeBSD it's not either

      ( Even if both share a similar design, I prefer the latter as a personal taste ... for me seems cleaner and with less madness tbh )

      The problem is these programmers hate Freedom and GPL. The are propietary SLUTS thats why they join FailBSD in the first place.
      ?Slut? that turns me on, grrr

      - - - -

      ?Regarding license wars? Well, I won't step on that ground ... simply because people "debating" likes fallacies, don't know a crap about copyright, haven't read the actual licenses (just eaten the propaganda from the current youtube video ) and fail to see how a license is a tool and as such: the right tool for the right job.

      Oh well


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        BSD has its very own trolls here now? Neat. If BSD was so unimportant, why do you actually exist?


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          Originally posted by kill BSD
          No one whats to use a crap as hell OS which make them feel like they are living in 1973 and causes them to slit their own wrist while trying to configuring the shit out of it.
          So you're using what? Windows? Or the BSD clone Linux? Oh wait...


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            Originally posted by kill BSD
            Hey Cthulhux, ur the shit annoying BSD troll. BSD Sucks and Dies is trying to put reason in you which I really thing is a waste of time as BSD trolls are mind controlled drones how can't thing for themselfs which is which they love the shit BSD-license.

            I've seen your posts in which you advocate for your crapBSD. Seriously, they sound the same as repeditive ads put out by your gods microsoft and apple.

            No one whats to use a crap as hell OS which make them feel like they are living in 1973 and causes them to slit their own wrist while trying to configuring the shit out of it.

            @BSD Sucks and Dies

            Stop wasting your time on this shit face Cthulhux, it's pointless to shit with BSD proprietary sluts like him

            BSD isn't proprietary, it's a FREER Unix than Linux on ALL fronts, it is what you want to make of it.
            Also, you were almost right, but yes BSD/UNIX development started way back, approx. 1973+, long before U and Torvalds' diapers stank, like they still do.
            BSD and Bill Joy,..., later Sun, SunOS, HP-UX, SGI, ...,NetBSD, Cisco, ... (all of them derivatives of BSD/Unix), and then, after countless years of unmitigated LEGAL battles against corpse's like AT&Tea, finally later again (Free)BSD, and even again, today's derivatives such as same as before, + MacOSX, .........
            You see, it's actually been around alot longer than your precious DOS, or even LieNUX. AND, it will ALWAYS be around, forever, and ever.
            There is nuthin' you or me can do to stop "FREE"BSD. Now, Get Over it.

            Don't hate it, just 'cause u don't know how to use it ?!
            It is solely becuase of BSD/Unix that you and me are even able to Freely use "TCP/IP" (aka - The Internet, as we know it today, yet another invention by BSD/Unix...)

            Anyway, keep "Linux trolling" this FreeBSD thread, and we'll do our very best to Yo, re-educate your dum ass.

            And please remeber, that:
            The BSD Things in Life are Free
            Merry Christmas all
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              Originally posted by kill BSD
              Freebsd has been PENETRATED

              If you're THAT worried about "penetration", then may I suggest "OpenBSD" ? , errrr umm, depending on your "penetration" problems, maybe a good Doctor, or Shrink ?